About Us


Grand Trunk was founded around the principle of celebrating the things we find most important in life.  Therefore, the core tenants of our brand are:

  • Memories - and the people we make them with.
  • Places - we live in a pretty amazing country!
  • Good Design - life is so much more enjoyable when surrounded by good design.

The Grand Trunk Railway was one of Canada's original companies and an essential part of connecting our vast territory from East to West.  The Grand Trunk Railway system enabled the free flow of people, resources, commerce, and ultimately, the prosperity that has made this great nation what it is today.

 grand trunk railway image

We see the Grand Trunk Railway as a symbol of our Canadian heritage.  Hence, its name became the inspiration for our brand. The Grand Trunk Trading Company produces and sells products that adhere to our principles, and we hope our customers will enjoy.